Artist Spotlight: Sapienn

"Honest songs by a fake goth," says the artist bio. Well. I see the word "goth," I nod approvingly. I'm a simple creature.

Sapienn has been on my radar since his last single, Provocateur, a genre-blurring melodic groove which had…

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Artist Spotlight: Cede

Pain Sells is the debut EP from emerging folk-pop duo, Cede. Combining the substantial lyrical and musical talents of Becci Wallace and Alan Kerr, Pain Sells is as much a storybook as a showcase of their musical style.


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Artist Spotlight: Maaike Siegerist

Call Of The Last Wildcat is the latest genre-defying beauty from Bristol-based Maaike Siegerist. A musical tribute to the iconic Scottish Wildcat, the song was written during a trip to the Cairngorms and showcases the sophisticated chord phrasings & flawlessly…

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Artist Spotlight: Jack Hinks

Intimate and melodic, God is the next single from versatile artist Jack Hinks. The latest instalment in a series of thematically linked releases which explore the different stages of grief, 'God' represents the bargaining stage, touching on themes such as…

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Artist Spotlight: Ember Quine

Be still my beating (black) heart: a single from Ember Quine. Yes, I am wearing black eyeliner as I type this and yes, I will be watching a show about vampires when I finish writing. Goth, innit.

With an…

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Artist Spotlight: Rosie Bans

When I started this blog up last year, I considered reviewing Rosie Bans' frankly audacious debut album, Identify Yourself, because seriously - who makes a debut album that polished? Outrageous. But I wanted to keep the focus more…

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Artist Spotlight: Jonni Slater

Brooding and unconventional with a hint of optimism: it's time to dive Into The Unknown with Jonni Slater. 

2020 was uncharted territory for all of us: a global pandemic unlike anything in living memory, the fierce momentum of the Black…

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Artist Spotlight: Dora Lachaise

As befits my status as a recovering goth, I often find myself captivated by the darker side of art and music, the stories less often told. Perhaps it's just that there's something singularly mesmerising to me in hearing a new…

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Artist Spotlight: Alfonse

Generator is the new -

No, hold on. In case I start gushing and sound like a complete sycophant, I should really preface this by saying that I absolutely love synthwave. I love retro electronic sounds in music, I love…

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Behind The Scenes: SongSeeds Writing Retreat 

A regular fear I entertain, after every song I write, is: what if that's it, the last one? What if I've got no more music left in me after this?

But I'm nothing if not stubborn, and quite often I…

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Artist Spotlight: Mima Merrow

Freckles was the first single from Belfast-born artist Mima Merrow, released ahead of her debut EP, Good Grief. I have had the track on repeat since it came out and now I would quite like you all to listen…

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